transform show at site

Transform, an exhibition of site works by seven environmental artists exploring energy, the body, the land, and the transformations these are subject to. Michael Bisbee, Thomas Cates, Yei Ehekatl, Abi Good, Michael Dormody,  J. A. Lee, Audrey Rubinstein. Thomas Cates: Reverse Archaeology Burial of shards has begun. Fresco of shards Abi Good Migration Audrey Rubinstein Prostration  Michael Bisbee In Advance of the Artifact Yei Ehekatl Nawi Ollin Earthwork J.A. Lee Also Known II revisits and re-imagines an audio text work originally written forRead more

gallery preview 10-9

Transform preview at THE LAND/ gallery. On exhibition at the outdoor site are works by eight environmental artists exploring energy, the body, the land, and the transformations these are subject. Artist discussed their projects that are currently up at the site. Michael Dormady’s Center Line.         Yei Ehekatl’s Nawi Ollin earthwork consisting largely of sub-surface elements that explore the land’s specific energies and how they intersect with the body’s.  20 of Yei Ehekatl’s transformation masks shown at the preview willRead more

nawi ollin earthworks needs participants

I divided a half-acre of land into four sections; in each section I excavated four sacred spaces. As the participant will discover, each space has its own energy. Nawi Ollin invites the participant to recline, to regenerate, to clean, to become free. It’s an interactive, primordial, psychological journey. It’s a living system. It’s conceptual, conceived in time and space. It’s grounded at THE LAND/an art site. It’s a fractal. It’s a universal relationship. It’s a way to organize. It’s aRead more


  CENTERLINE: a project by Michael Darmody PHASE I: “‘THE LAND’ is not land; it is law.” An initial investigation into the implications of the 40-acre tract occupied by “THE LAND / an art site” being always already constituted in an ideological system that considers all non-human existence external to itself, and therefore subject to its ownership and control. To that end, the actual biophysical terrain has been overlaid by legal, political, economic, scientific, technological and historical features, transforming it, inRead more

reverse archaeology

“Reverse Archaeology” is a project that references archaeological methods and drawing to investigate and make statements about the landscape as cultural memory. It began in September 2009 with a series of drawings, and a small exhibit at THE LAND/gallery in Nov 2011 was organized to explain the concept. The project will continue to grow and expanded as ideas are developed or jettisoned, drawings and plans are revised, artifacts are buried or reveled.    Thomas Cates is a New Mexico based artistRead more

2 sections finished

Environmental artist Yei Ehekatl has finished 2 sections  of her Nawi Ollin earthwork project that will be part of the group exhibition Transform at THE LAND/an art site. In its newest iteration Nawi Ollin explores the cosmic  energies, and how these energies intersect with the body to cleanse, regenerate and transform . The site-specific installation invites visitors to investigate bodily a large-scale grid of rectangular cavities dug into nearly an acre of grassy meadow. While reminiscent of open graves, these incursions intoRead more

Prostration Box a performance by Audrey Rubinstein

Prostration Box will be a performance ritual performed in an 8 x 8 x 2 foot box filled with displaced dirt/earth during the opening of TRANSFORMATION an outdoor exhibition at THE LAND/an art site on Oct 11th between 2 and 6pm. The ritual performer renders the 9 Tibetan Buddhist positions of prostration for a period of 6 hours. Prostration Box presents the prostration ritual before an audience as a public action. The performance space is a constructed box with displaced earth excavatedRead more